In 1974 president Mike Tsung-Che Chiu Wei founded CLAMPTEK ENTERPRISE CO. LTD (TAIWAN). Research and development of Clamptek® has its roots in Taiwan, where the headqarters are. Nowadays, production plants are mostly in Donguuan. Due to steady successful development of products, high quality production and a strong supply chain Clamptek®  is known to be the number one supplier of toggle clamps in China. With increasing brand recognition Clamptek® is now under the top 10 worldwide and gains higher brand value and trust of its customers.


Since 2004, Clamptek® expanded the product range e.g. with several accessory parts such as O-Rings, real-rings, threaed flanges, slotted nuts, rolling and ball bearingsby the brands: YINSH, TPI, WLT and others in oder to statisfy their customer needs.


In order to offer better service to its customers and to meet the needs of the market Clamptek® has been through many phases of development. Initially starting with mechanical toggle clamps the company extended its product range creating innovative high quality products. Products include: Precision tools, clamping tools, heavy- and power clamps, pneuatic and hydraulic lever and swing clamps, support elements, hydraulic cylinders and many more products for automation processes and for manufacturing of vehicles.


Under the condition of high quality assurance Clamptek® has introduced a qualitymanagement-system. This system optimizes production techniques and processes while simultaneously producing excellent products for reasonable prices. In order to meet the need for high quality of our customers Clamptek® does not only focus on qaluity and precision but also on intermediate checks in all steps of production to final shipment.


After long years of research and development Clamptek® gained recognition in the worldmarket as well as several patents. Also in the future Clamptek® will put special focus on steady innovation through research and development. Clamptek® aims to maintain and strengthen the current position in the worldmarket and grow even more through a wider product range and reach its future goal to improve the postition in the top 10 worldranking.





Business Divisions of CLAMPTEK® :


1. Toggle Clamps and Clamping Systems

● Range of Toggle Clamps

● Range of Hydraulic Toggle Clamps

● Range of Pneumatic Toggle Clamps



2. Special Manufacture

● Hydraulic Aggregates

● Special fixture systems



3. Generalvertretung für Präzisionsteile und Markenprodukte

● YINSH Slotted Nuts and threaded flanges from Taiwan

● TPI Ball and rolling bearings from Taiwan

● WLT Precision components from Taiwan



CLAMPTEK Produktkatalog


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